Devils at Cradle

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Wheelies Comments – There are two ways you can view the Devils in the park. There is a platform down a ramp through the shop and main entrance. The platform lets you look out into the park and directly over a few of the Devil enclosures. Ramp is a little steep going back up into shop, staff more than happy to help with a push. The second way to view the entire park and all the enclosures is entry through a side access gate. This way is a little bit trickier but once again the staff are more than happy to help. A few tree roots on the paths make it hard to do alone and width maybe an issue for some chairs. I squeezed through in my chair, it been 17-inch manual TI lite. I might not recommend it for larger chairs, but hey give it a go with some assistance. Going down this way gives you complete access to the park. The gravel is soft and maybe hard for some users to traverse on, but don’t be scared to ask for help. You can view all the enclosures through a glass panel on the walls or through the mesh.

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