Mt Field National Park

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A great place to go for all, but especially wheelchair users. The track out to Russell falls is completely sealed and accessible. A 30 minute round trip. Toilet and parking available at the visitor centre. Café accessible and good circulation.

Wheelies Comments: The hill at the start of the tracks is steep and some wheelchair users may require assistance. I managed it in a manual chair and I’m a T4 Para. The whole track is bitumen and in great condition all the way along. Viewing platform of falls is level and there is a great view of the fall. The loop track can be done with caution and the hill from platform is EXTREMELY steep. Once past there the track is solid but not sealed. Would not recommend alone! I did it with the help of a friend to get up the hill.

For all snow and Lake Dobson Road closure or condition advisories, please contact the Mt Field Visitor Centre: phone 03 6288 1149.


Disabled Parking Onsite
Bathroom Accessible
BBQ Facilities