The Royal Botanical Gardens

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The Gardens are set on a huge site which covers a lot of ground. The biggest issue for a wheelchair user is the gradient of the site. The site slope down towards the water side. Some of the slopes are very steep and not accessible with a wheelchair. There are all though in saying that clear signs on where you should go in a chair. There is an accessible pathway down through the huge water garden from the carpark side. Also along down to the restaurant and café is reasonably flat other than the camber. You can get around the food garden, the green house and the cactus house. You can’t access the Japanese garden due to steps at entrance. Some paths into the open parts of gardens and the tree gardens are far to steep to do in a chair. There is 5 parking spots off lower domain road right near the gardens main entrance. There are also a couple of toilets available that are clearly marked on map.

Disabled Parking Onsite
Bathroom Accessible
Restaurant Accessible